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Endless  'technological progress'

모션테크놀로지 로고

Since 1999, Motion Technology has been developing motion capture-based content production technology and solutions. In addition, we exclusively supply equipment for global motion capture companies such as OptiTrack, Xsens, and Manus.

Motion capture is used not only for video production such as games, movies, and animations, but also for producing various contents by tracking human body tracking and object movement for tangible contents production.

It is also recently combined with VR technology to create realistic and more lively content. 

It is used in so many fields, such as ergonomics through measurement of the human body, sports, evaluation of car crashes, measurement of motion of objects, and data collection to measure and evaluate the data of moving human bodies and objects, that it is difficult to list them all.

Motion Technology is developing such a technology that can be applied to various fields.

We wish our customers success with motion capture technology support and various business support.

20 years of know-how

Sales of motion capture equipment and technology provided to game companies such as NCSOFT, NHN, Webzen, SoftMax, T3 Entertaments... have been applied to a number of games, and domestic large companies such as LG Display, LG HAC, and LG Electronics , Samsung, Hyundai Motors, Hyundai Rotem, etc., we have been providing equipment sales and technical support.  As the main item of motion capture equipment, we develop and sell hardware and software related to 3D animation, such as render farms and virtual studios. We provide and service. 

모션테크놀로지 건물

​Infinite Challenge of Motion Technology

Jan. 2001: Established Motion Technology Co., Ltd. (CEO Ki-Hyeok Yang)

Mar. 2001: Produced 26 episodes of SBS feature animation “Harrow and Toremi”

April 2002: The 2nd “Venture Business Model Contest” KTB Network President Award

Mar. 2003 : Developed Korea’s first facial motion capture “Xpression”

July 2004: Motion data file generation technology through motion capture (Patent No. 0415884)

2006.12 : Korea's first optical motion capture device “X-tive” development and patent

April 2007: Participation in motion capture equipment and technology development project suitable for cultural contents (Korean traditional dance such as mask dance)

2012~2010: Motion capture equipment delivery and technical support for the films “Mr. Go”, “National Team”, and “Haeundae”

Apr. 2013: tvN “Basketball” pre-visualization equipment delivery and production support

2014.04 : SBS “My Love from the Star”, “You are surrounded”, “Election broadcasting” production support

2014.11 : Established a corporate affiliated research institute (Korea Industrial Technology Association No. 2014115582)

2015.01: Delivery of motion capture equipment to the Cultural Creation Convergence Center and production of “Robot Tray” video

2015.11 : Korea's first motion tracking-based tangible VR content “The Corpse” production

2016.01 : Supplied haptic VR solution based on motion tracking (Sconek Entertainment, Asian Cultural Center, etc.)

Mar. 2017 : MPEG-V standard based VR realistic content production and system construction (Gyeongju Smart Media Center)

2017.04 : Development of interactive VR system based on motion tracking (Dongshin University Realistic Media Project Group)

December 2017: Export of tangible VR solution and BlackBadge VR contents to Japan (Adores, VR Park Ikebukuro)

2018.01 : Signed a domestic agency contract for tangible VR solution and BlackBadge VR contents (Galton VR)

October 2018: Experience-type VR content (Black Badge Signal) and system construction (Lotte World, Illusion World)

Dec. 2018 : VR solution and content using motion capture system Japan distributor (Mocap Japan) contract

December 2018: Awarded the 2018 VR Game of the Year Grand Prize (JoongAng Ilbo and VR Expo Organizing Committee)

October 2019: “BlackBadge Signal” exhibited at Dubai K-Contents Expo

October 2019 : Supplied “BlackBadge Signal” to Dubai Mall VR Park

November 2019: “BlackBadge Bootcamp” exhibited at IAAPA Attractions EXPO

November 2019: MOU with Robocom VR, a franchise in the Middle East

December 2019: Delivered “BlackBadge Bootcamp” to KT Bright Sinchon Branch

2020.02 : Documentary “I met you” production support

October 2020: Virtual concert  Planning and production of “Ekpik High, Younha” Memory Theater Halloween Concert

November 2020: Virtual concert “Gaho & Gabi” memory theater 2nd concert planning and production

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