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Motion Technology Service Philosophy

motion technologySince the establishment of the company in 2001I have been devoting myself to the field of motion capture for over 20 years.

The purpose of the establishment of Motion Technology using motion capture technology We tried to influence the development of the industry by developing various technologies using animation and motion capture. In order to reflect the needs of various  consumers using motion capture with the same ideaIn order to foster professional trainers and provide more professional technical support, we have been conducting overseas dispatch training for professional personnel. 


Also expensive motion captureWe have been operating an experience studio so that customers can experience and purchase equipment.

​We, Motion Technology, go beyond simple equipment sales and continue to improve service quality with the goal of providing technical support based on a complete understanding of equipment, customer service by a professional sales team, and professional solutions. are going higher.

customer benefits


1. Training with specialized knowledge

Motion Technology's professional technical support personnel complete training programs with overseas partners every year to provide accurate training to customers.

In addition, through various exhibitions and overseas trips every year,We identify technology trends and market changes for motion capture, and conduct training to share new technology trends with customers.

We are doing our best so that you can experience high-quality educational programs through professional personnel.


2. Genuine service

motion technologyIt is the only institution that has formal partners with numerous professional motion capture companies such as Xsens, OptiTrack, PhaseSpace, DynamiXYZ, etc. 

We sell products after completing formal procedures for product distribution.

​From product certification through radio certification to product warranty through formal import customs clearance, all tasks are performed through official partnerships with overseas headquarters.


3. Provide the best solution

We have been providing the best solutions to our customers with the knowledge gained through the field of motion capture for 20 years.

Not only animation using motion capture, such as over 100 games and 20 movies, but also technical support for various cases such as virtual concerts and virtual productions, and technical development through an engineer team._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

​We are working with our customers to meet the needs of various customers to meet the final purpose of product use beyond simple product distribution.

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