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​Motion Capture Solution

​To develop perfect VR technology and solutions based on motion capture and to create immersive VR contents.

We provide a complete solution.

​Motion capture tracking system


Complete tracking camera solution

The motion capture-based tracking system is a system for more precise, faster, and more diverse tracking compared to basic VR trackers.

​ If you need more precise and larger space tracking, the choice is

It is motion capture technology.

VR device

VR 디바이스
VR 디바이스
VR Vest

VR device

Various devices are required to create realistic VR contents. For example, for the game, you will need various weapons and   firefighting equipment for firefighter training. Also, a backpack PC for free movement is very important. We provide all these products and solutions​

4D effects (wind, vibration, heat...)


For the realism of content, realism through the vibration of the floor is required. For example, if you're in your car, it's much more realistic if your seat swings in sync with the movement. In addition, vibration according to the movement of the elevator will be needed. And if it's windy outside the window, even better.

VR SDK (Content Development Kit)

​Full Body Tracking

If you become an experiencer for education or a soldier for training, it would be very realistic content if you could see your whole body, such as your arms and legs, rather than just your hands. We provide techniques that perfectly move the entire body, including arms and legs, using minimal markers.

Cross Platform

You don't have to care whether you're using the HTC Vive HMD or the Oculus Rift s. We support everyone.

​Low Latency and Multiplayer

It is very important to track the fast movements of the human body and apply them to content. If there is a slight delay, you will suffer from motion sickness. In addition, online multiplayer with mutual interaction is possible with minimal delay.


Quick connection and easy setup

No matter how good the technology is, if it takes a long time to apply or if it is complicated to use, development will feel difficult. However, we developed it to have a very simple structure. 

Supports various equipment with Open VR support

You don't have to care whether you're using the HTC Vive HMD or the Oculus Rift s. We support everyone.

VR content (use case)

​Industrial (vehicle demonstration and evaluation)

VR Technology For Mobility Development - 현대자동차

VR Technology For Mobility Development - 현대자동차

Play Video

​Composition and design of VR showroom for Hyundai Motor Company demonstration: Using optical motion capture, several researchers and management teams demonstrated new car models and

We have created a multi-solution that can hold fairs.

VR game

Black Badge VR Shooting Game Series: Produced Black Badge series such as Black Badge Outpost, Black Badge Signal, and Black Badge Bootcamp.

​motion capture

MBC Special - I met you: The motion capture work was carried out with our technology and know-how at the company studio of Motion Technology.

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