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motion capture service

Motion capture is the motion of the human body orIt is a task to create 3D data by tracking the movement of an object.Motion capture service is a service that covers all aspects of data shooting, editing, and animation, from recruiting actors through specialized companies. ​Motion Technology’s motion capture serviceHigh-quality motion capture is possible in various situations by using the optical method and the gyro method.
바디 모션캡쳐

body motion capture

Data such as head, arms and legs among the movement tracking of the human body

facial motion capture

It refers to capturing facial expressions, and uses a method that does not attach markers to the face.

페이셜 모션캡쳐

​Facial motion capture

It means facial expression capture. It proceeds by using a method that does not attach markers to the face.

핸드 모션캡쳐

hand motion capture

Capture the movement of your fingers through a glove (glove).

Features of Motion Technology's mocap service

1. Use the latest equipment

Motion Technology is a distributor in Korea for Xsens and OptiTrack.

That's why we always have the latest and best equipment. The best motion capture service with various equipment and technology 

​Help me.

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2. More than 20 years of technical know-how

We have over 20 years of experience in various motion capture projects.

​Experience accurate and efficient motion capture with accumulated technology and know-how.

3. Possession of various equipment and methods

It has gyro-type motion capture as well as optical motion capture, so it is possible to capture according to the capture situation. In addition, we have equipment that can capture not only the body, but also the face and gloves.

4. Flexible work

Users' needs and tasks vary. We can make changes to suit your needs and work environment. You can shoot indoors as well as outdoors, and you can decide at what stage you will receive the final result of your work. You can only receive raw data and directly edit it to lower costs, or you can apply the final result to a character to increase work convenience. 

Motion capture equipment

Gyro method (Xsens MVN)

Xsens MVN, a gyro-type motion capture device, is the most advanced motion capture device. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors. It is also sophisticated and accurate enough that data editing is not required. Useful when fast data is required.


​Optical method (OptiTrack)

OptiTrack optical motion capture is used in AAA games such as "Call of Duty" and Disney's "The Mandalorian." We use the latest and greatest models of OptiTrack motion capture equipment. 

​Koong Hak-sik motion capture equipment is very suitable for complex movements such as various actions and dances.


Facial Capture (DynamiXYZ)

It is a markerless method that does not attach markers to the face with facial motion capture equipment, so it is comfortable and free to act because no markers are attached to the motion capture actor. In addition, there are plugins for 3dsMax, Maya, etc., so retargeting applied to characters is accurate and easy.


Finger Capture (Manus VR Glove)

The Manus glove is the most sophisticated and convenient product among many gloves. It is possible to simply capture data together with Xsens and OptiTrack.


Facility Information

mocap gallery


모션 테크놀로지 모션 캡처 모음

모션 테크놀로지 모션 캡처 모음

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[VR휴먼다큐멘터리 - 너를 만났다]  세상 떠난 딸과 VR로 재회한 모녀 | "엄마 안 울게. 그리워하지 않고 더 사랑할게" (ENG/SPA subbed)

[VR휴먼다큐멘터리 - 너를 만났다] 세상 떠난 딸과 VR로 재회한 모녀 | "엄마 안 울게. 그리워하지 않고 더 사랑할게" (ENG/SPA subbed)

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미스터 고 (Mister Go, 2013) 제작 예고편 (Making Trailer)_(720p)

미스터 고 (Mister Go, 2013) 제작 예고편 (Making Trailer)_(720p)

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