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Motion Technology is making efforts with various programs to maintain perfect quality products and equipment performance in the best condition for all customers in the field of games, movies, and motion analysis.  ​At the moment when 1 minute and 1 second is important, if there is a problem with the equipment, or if you suddenly want to have a problem with the performance of the equipment, our engineers are always ready to help you. Your success is our success.

Quality Assurance Information


radio wave certification

All electronic devices distributed in Korea must pass the radio wave certification conformity test.All equipment of Motion Technology is providing certified equipment to customers with equipment that has passed radio wave certification.

Note) Radio wave certification is a very important issue, and even in the case of import for sale as well as personal customs clearance, only one device is exempted, and it can be a problem when sold or transferred to another person, and in case of violation, product destruction and criminal punishment (Imprisonment of up to one year or fine of up to 10 million won), so special attention is required.


installation and training

All products of Motion Technology are provided with installation service.

We support the installation of the equipment to ensure that the customer has the best performance of the equipment and that there is no problem in using the equipment.

​In addition, training programs for smooth use of equipment are provided to customers.Now, customers only have to worry about the use of equipment.


Warranty repair and performance verification

Customers who were flustered when the equipment suddenly stopped working one day will understand how important it is to respond to equipment abnormalities.

Motion Technology supports quick repairs so that customers' equipment operates without any problems. In addition, programs such as 1:1 exchange in case of equipment problems are in operation.

​Now, I will take responsibility for smooth operation so that there is no panic.

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