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THEIA Markerless

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지능형 관절 감지 및 라벨링. 다중 주제 추적 및 식별. 자동 모델 생성 및 공동 감지를 통해 데이터를 선별하는 대신 답변에 집중할 수 있습니다. 우리의 AI가 당신을 위해 그것을 해주기 때문에 당신은 그 어느 때보다 더 많은 일을 할 수 있습니다.

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실제 세계에서 움직임을 연구합니다. 선수가 경쟁하는 위치를 측정합니다. Theia3D를 사용하면 중요한 데이터를 수집할 수 있습니다. 저조도? 붐비는 캡처 영역? 중요하지 않습니다. 머신 비전이 모든 것을 차단합니다.

Learn about Theia3D and markerless motion capture

Why   markerless?

THEIA Markerless

​Simplified settings

Traditional motion capture requires subjects to wear tight-fitting clothing and dozens of reflective markers that must be applied by trained operators. This setup process is time-consuming and inconvenient, and often takes longer than the collection itself. With markerless tracking, there are no markers, no special clothing, and very little setup.

Collect anywhere

Assemble athletes on the court or field, evaluate patients in the clinic, and measure movement in the real world. Unlike traditional motion capture systems, marker-free tracking is not confined to professional lab or studio spaces, allowing you to study where motion occurs. 

Real movement collection:

Players perform at their best within the game, and people behave naturally in a familiar environment. Markerless motion capture allows you to record real-world movements in the real world without the lab environment, clothing, and marker-induced artifacts that traditional motion capture systems require.

Collect more data:

Little to no setup means you can collect more topics per day. Conduct multicenter studies with consistent and repeatable results. There are no markers and no labs, so it can be collected by anyone, anywhere. Markerless motion capture lets you do more with less.

Why Theia3D?

THEIA Markerless

biomechanical focus

ia3D is not just another markerless tracking solution. Tracking without markers for biomechanics. Every aspect of Theia3D, from tracked 2D features to segment definition and joint constraints, was chosen to ensure biomechanical accuracy and relevance of results and to follow standard practice and conventions in the field.

A precise and general solution:

ia3D differentiates itself from other markerless tracking solutions by its ability to provide a highly accurate and generalized solution for markerless motion capture.

ia3D uses rigid body tracking and inverse kinematics to fully resolve 3D poses of skeletal segments. Compared to edge detection and hull sculpting techniques, this approach is better at resolving segment rotations to provide accurate and complete pose estimates.

ia3D is a universal solution and can track a wide range of movements in almost any environment. This is an important difference from other specialized markerless tracking solutions that are limited to tracking specific activities (e.g. throwing or hitting) and cannot be used as generic solutions.

Multiple people tracking and automatic model creation:

When multiple people are shown in the camera view, they are automatically identified and tracked in each view and 3D. A model is automatically created and scaled for each person identified using parameters inferred from the video.

Automatic and batch processing:

The entire analysis pipeline can be run automatically without user input. This allows efficient batch processing of multiple files. Includes data maintenance tools that automatically organize data for batch analysis.

How does it work?

THEIA Markerless

1. Collect data.

Theia3D requires synchronized calibrated video data.   available for purchase with softwareSony RX0 II Camera BundleThere are many camera systems that can collect this data, including  . Other possible camera systems are  camera system optionsDescribed in the   document.

2. Process the data.

ia3D identifies and tracks people in the video view, then calculates 3D positions and orientations for each part of each tracked person.

3. Use data.

ia3D exports C3D files that can be opened with Visual3D for further analysis and reporting. Export to generic animation formats will be available soon.

Learn about Theia3D and markerless motion capture

ia3D can be purchased directly from us either as software only or as part of a complete markerless motion capture package that includes all necessary cameras, hardware and other peripherals. These packages are tailored to meet your specific needs, so contact us about your requirements and we will work with you to design and quote the ideal ia3D system.

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