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OptiTrack Metagloves

Motive in one click.

OptiTrack Metagloves

Direct integration into Motive 3

Add Quantum finger data directly to Motive 3 with OptiTrack Metagloves.
Enrich your motion capture data with minimal impact on your existing pipeline.
Easily stream highly accurate and detailed finger data into Motive 3.
Finger data provided by OptiTrack Metagloves is combined with OptiTrack body data inside Motive 3

OptiTrack Metagloves

Next level finger capture.

Sub-millimeter accuracy

Add quantum tracking technology to Motive 3 and plugins with OptiTrack Metagloves.

OptiTrack Metagloves have been specifically developed to work seamlessly with OptiTrack Motive software. Add submillimeter-accurate quantum tracking to your settings with a single click.

A completely new quantum tracking technology

Our new tracking system augments the OptiTrack system with rich finger data. The Quantum sensor is drift-free and provides highly accurate and reliable finger capture data.

OptiTrack Metagloves

No Drift​​

OptiTrack Metagloves


OptiTrack Metagloves


OptiTrack Metagloves

Manus Advanced Hand Solver.

MANUS Advanced Hand Solver takes precise fingertip positions provided by MANUS Quantum Tracking sensors and applies them to MANUS' research-based biomechanical hand model to accurately reproduce the digital hand skeleton.

With MANUS Core software, integrations and plug-ins, you can now use cutting-edge digital hands in your own pipeline without compromise.

The Advanced Hand Solver and biomechanical models are part of MANUS Core and are based on years of research and development.

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Wear it according to your needs.

Quantum sensors can be worn on the fingertip in a variety of ways. We give users the opportunity to choose which method best suits their use case.
Here are the three available options.

OptiTrack Metagloves

1. Finger tape

Finger tape can be wrapped around the fingertips. The Quantum sensor attaches to a mounting clip on top.

The finger tape method mounts the Quantum sensor very reliably.

OptiTrack Metagloves

2. Finger sleeves

Finger sleeves are worn by sliding over the fingertips. The Quantum sensor attaches to a mounting clip on top.

The finger sleeve method provides a quicker way to don the Quantum sensor. Finger sleeves are available in three sizes.

​Perfect Integration

Manus OptiTrack Meta Glove

Motive 3 in one click

Pro Edition

‍OptiTrack Metagloves gloves are immune to magnetic interference and come with a 12-month hardware warranty and lifetime support.

Integrating directly into Motive 3, the glove rapidly passes real-time finger data into the existing pipeline. Bring your motion captures to life by enhancing your OptiTrack system with Manus finger tracking. Stream finger data along with OptiTrack body data from a single source. Coming soon.

Use Manus' OptiTrack meta glove with the Plus Edition as a standalone solution outside of Motive. This package comes with a SMPTE timecoding cable and all Manus plugins including Motionbuilder, Unity and Unreal Engine plugins.

OptiTrack Metagloves
OptiTrack Metagloves
OptiTrack Metagloves
OptiTrack Metagloves
OptiTrack Metagloves

Uninterrupted workflow.

Replaceable battery to stay charged

Quantum Metagloves come with a replaceable battery for uninterrupted workflow. The Quantum battery provides 4 hours of continuous use when fully charged. Quantum Metagloves can also be powered by an external power source via the USB Type-C port.

charging station

Up to 6 batteries can be fully charged simultaneously in 1 hour. This charging station is also compatible with Prime X and Pro Tracker batteries, allowing you to charge your Metaglove and SteamVR Pro Tracker batteries simultaneously.

technical specifications

OptiTrack Metagloves

​signal delay
Finger sensor type 
sensor sampling rate
Battery duration 
Charging time 
wired communication
radio communication
wireless range 
Supported Operating Systems
finger attachment 


​Textile information


< 5 ms
Absolute position, 3 axis rotation
4 hours (can be replaced)
2 hours USC-C
70 grams
USB Type-C
Proprietary high-performance 2.4GHz protocol
up to 15 meters
Windows 10/11
finger sleeve, finger tape
or full liner gloves (S,M,L)

Free size (washable)

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