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What is EZtrack?

EZtrack® is a virtual production system that calculates camera tracking information (position/posture) and lens information (zoom/focus), and 3D-composites real-time images and CG data of backgrounds shot with a green back or LED wall.

Virtual productions that could not be realized without a traditional dedicated virtual studio can now be realized in the studio. For camera tracking, proven motion capture systems such as VIVE Tracker and OptiTrack can be used. There is no need for large-scale preparation such as placing markers on the ceiling, floor, etc. EZtrack® meets the needs of movies, commercials, MVs, TV shows, previses, corporate conferences and more.

Amazing Compatibility with EZTrack HUB

World-class cameras that can be easily hot-plugged and instantly switched to suit your setup configuration, camera rig, or specific shooting needs.

Get the opportunity to combine tracking standards and sensor technology with the EZtrack® Hub. This is a real game changer!


Premium features

– Virtual studio setup for live shows/live entertainment in Augmented Reality (AR)
– Camera tracking: Steadicam and handheld camera, dolly, small crane
– Object Tracking: Insert 3D Assets, Virtual Accessories
– Talent Tracking: Automatic Depth Synthesis

unified interface
Tracking via IP
Timecode and sync input
read lens data

Send tracking data via the FreeD protocol or the LiveLink plugin for Unreal. EZtrack®'s intuitive interface displays all tracking information in one tap screen.

Even if the control room is away from the set, camera tracking works through a dedicated WebApp that can be accessed from any computer or tablet on the network.

EZtrack® processes Genlock signals generated by camera equipment. These features are particularly useful for live broadcast applications.

EZtrack® reads zoom/focus data from various digitally encoded lenses (Canon, Fujinon, Angénieux, Cooke/i) and prime lenses thanks to an external encoder.

World-class rendering engine support

EZtrack® Hub natively communicates with the underlying 3D rendering software. Transmit tracking data using the standardized FreeD protocol, or use the internal TCD protocol embedding lens-specific data.


EZTrack + OptiTrack 

Thanks to the existing Hub Starter kit, users can now combine an EZtrack® Hub device with an  OptiTrack motion capture camera to

Like the famous ILM StageCraft, you can set it up to handle high performance camera tracking duties with the latest xR studio and LED volume!

If your studio camera uses one or more custom rigid bodies, EZtrack® Hub merges live tracking data from the Mocap set with optical data streamed from the lens. Use an external wheel encoder for zoom/focus readout of multiple broadcast grade lenses (Canon/Fujinon/Angénieux/Cooke line) or zoom/focus readouts on a set of Cine Prime lenses.

Hub handles one unified FreeD stream over IP to your favorite rendering engine. For all Unreal 4 users, these users will have direct access to refined tracking data directly into the engine's Live Link interface. Iterates through a decentralized software user interface, saving follow-up time and effort in production!

Technical Sheet
Technical Sheet
H/W + Softwaree set-up
Studio Ccalibration
Angular Resolution
Positional Resolution

Dimensions  :  120 x 100 x 65mm
Signal synchronization / Genlock types supported:Black Burst and Tri Level
Time-code output:Time code entry to record time-coded tracking data
Lens Support:  Direct readout of digital/encoded lenses from Canon, Fujinon, Angénieux and Cooke with Hirose cable conected to the lens serial/virtual port
External lens encoders support:For non-encoded lenses, readout of zoom/focus position thanks to our external encoders compatible with Cine and Broadcast lenses (see package options)
Trackers I/O:3+ trackers can be connected per Hub
Tracking data protocols support:FreeD / TCD (Eztrack proprietary protocol) embedding camera position + lens intrisic data
Power supply:12V


Get EZtrack now.
Take your virtual production to the next level.

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