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Motion capture software shaping the metaverse

Polygon allows you to capture your body and bring it into the digital world.
Polygon provides easy-to-use software and hardware that allows you to immerse yourself in virtual reality and record your body movements.
The software streams body data directly into Unreal and Unity, allowing you to build and explore your own virtual body experiences.
Polygon Prime X seriesFully compatible with the  glove.

easy and accessible

Polygon is easy to use and requires only a few trackers on your body.

It uses its own SteamVR-compatible hardware to export body data to popular game engines.

You can stream to Unreal or Unity and create integrations via the free SDK.

Check out the video to learn how to get started.

Polygon Pipeline

Polygon creates a virtual human skeleton with exact proportions and seamlessly retargets and syncs motion to the avatar of your choice.
Polygon is a SteamVR compatible tracker and Prime X seriesWorks with the  glove to add hand and finger motion to your captures.

Polygon Free

Download Polygon and start your adventure.

Become a virtual avatar and live-stream your body data into Unreal or Unity with Manus Polygon's free plugin.

Enhancing your experience with Polygon Pro

Polygon Pro allows you to record and export body data directly from MANUS Core. 

Polygon Pro also supports timecode and genlock, so you can easily sync your recordings with other devices. 

Hardware-wise, this high-quality strap set is designed to enhance your comfort. 

It also improves tracking data by eliminating tracker shake and keeping the tracker safe during sessions. 

The included MANUS timecode cable allows timecode synchronization.

With Polygon Elite
Build your own package

SteamVR Pro Tracker  and  Prime X seriesConfigure settings with  gloves.

Polygon Elite is charging stationComes with   and an extra tracker battery so you can stay charged during extended sessions in the metaverse. Looking for a complete experience in a single package
If so, 

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