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Mark IV Wireless Headcam System

​Professional Head Mount Camera

Mark IV Wireless Headcam System

Get Professional

The Mark IV is the ultimate headcam system for facial motion capture. Performance capture, voice-over, real-time,

This system handles everything. The Mark IV is the most adaptable, stable and reliable headcam ever.

The ideal headcam for musicians and operators

Compatible with all major motion capture technologies

​Engineering on set for the reality of performance capture

Use in real-time and recorded face capture workflows

Mark IV Wireless Headcam System

experience you can trust

Our headcams are used daily by some of the world's largest game developers, VFX houses and animation studios. Projects that require multiple cameras or rigorous weeks of filming have relied on Faceware headcams for over a decade.

Our engineering is fueled by customer feedback and our own practical experience. Our capabilities don't just sound good in stores, we provide solutions on the spot.

We provide industry-leading support. Talk to real engineers if you have any questions, watch helpful videos, and find full technical documentation on our support page. Every Mark IV comes with one year of no-hassle repair or replacement parts free of charge. Warranty extensions are also available.

Blue with Envy

Every component of the Mark IV is designed to ensure the highest quality,  highest reliability and highest comfort. When it comes to capturing the face of talent, the Mark IV is the tool you need to get the best possible performance.

Mark IV Wireless Headcam System


The Freedom
to Perform

With a range of 500 feet (150 meters), sub-millisecond lag, and flawless HD video streams, performance streams reliably right out of the box. Unleash your actors and unleash their full potential.

Mark IV Wireless Headcam System
Mark IV Wireless Headcam System

​volt 500

live monitoring
full resolution
full frame rate
500 feet
<1 ms delay

Mark IV Wireless Headcam System
Mark IV Wireless Headcam System

​99% of the world's heads

We studied anthropomorphic head research on thousands of subjects to find

Created a helmet that comfortably fits 99% of the world's heads.

Mark IV Wireless Headcam System

​more power

5 hours wireless per battery
15 hours wired
Charging time 1 hour Charging time

Mark IV Wireless Headcam System

​quiet operation

Our system is completely silent. Special quiet cable wrapping, magnetic shielding of power cables, no fans, no heavy PC wearables, silent wireless video capture live streaming or recorded.

Mark IV Wireless Headcam System


The custom breakout box and streamlined cabling feature rugged, premium cabling that can withstand the rigors of on-set.

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