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MVN Analyze

Whether you are an expert in biomechanics, sports science, ergonomics or rehabilitation, what you want is reliability and accuracy of your data. Introducing Xsens MVN Analyze, our proprietary human body motion capture system.

Laboratory quality data in all field conditions

Xsens MVN ensures reliable and accurate real-time human motion analysis. Collect accurate data on the full range of human motion in any setting using our motion capture system. Whether it's human motion analysis, ergonomics, biomechanics, sports science or rehabilitation, the rugged design and proven Xsens biomechanical models and sensor fusion algorithms deliver reliable and repeatable results. Xsens' ultra-compact motion tracker can capture the smallest twitch of the body's highly dynamic movements, ensuring full 3D motion analysis.

It's quick to set up and can be used anywhere without calibration, providing stability and precision when and where you need it.

Xsens MVN Analyze


Use Xsens MVN anywhere and get lab-quality data in the field. The system is easy to set up, calibrate and modify, and its intuitive interface and real-time visualization allows you to focus on what's important in your work or study.

Xsens MVN Analyze

magnetic field immunity

Experience the benefits of full autoimmunity in all conditions. Our validated biomechanical models and sensor fusion algorithms ensure the highest quality motion analysis even in the most challenging magnetic disturbance environments.

Xsens MVN Analyze

verified data

Xsens MVN is a proven,peer reviewData and function integration with all market-leading software packages to deliver the highest quality motion capture and analysis.

Meet the Xsens motion capture solution

The Xsens Motion Capture solution for human motion analysis includes multiple layers of hardware, software and cloud processing options. The entire package can be customized and tailored to your individual needs and requirements.

Learn about the options available below or contact us and we will be in touch for support.

Xsens MVN Analyze


The Xsens MVN product line has three hardware versions: MVN Awinda Starter, MVN Awinda and MVN Link.

The two versions of the MVN Awinda use 17 wireless sensors that fit the body with an adjustable strap. Fast, easy and reliable motion capture. The MVN Link operates on the same 17 trackers, but mounted on the body with Lycra, ensuring much more accurate data logging and allowing for a greater recording range.

MVN Link also provides full GNSS support.

All three hardware versions have unique features. Compare using the outline below.

Xsens MVN Analyze

Manus Xsens meta glove

Xsens MVN Animate's proprietary motion capture software streams or exports all data into a 3D package. Your work will benefit from quick and easy calibration, real-time visualization, easy playback and reprocessing of motion capture data.

Our software has three options, MVN Animate Basic, MVN Animate Plus and MVN Animate Pro to meet different needs and budgets. Complexity increases from Basic to Pro.

MVN Animate provides real-time 3D animations, graphs, data streaming and video. The software has built-in timecode and remote control plug-ins, handles data rates up to 158Mb/min, and can export to formats such as ASCII (HTML), C3D, BVH, MVNX, BX, and movie containers such as AVI and M4V. . 

Try Xsens MVN Animate Pro by downloading the trial version and motion capture files. After the trial period, you can get an annual subscription or a lifetime license.


Xsens MVN Analyze

MVN analysis software

Xsens provides MVN Analyze. It is specialized software tailored for human motion analysis. MVN Analyze features a scalable biomechanical model, allows for up to four hardware setups and supports a variety of calibration routines.

MVN Analyze has three versions: Basic, Plus and Pro to meet different project needs. Complexity and available features scaled from Basic to Pro

MVN Analyze provides real-time 3D animations, graphs, data streaming and video. Outputs support joint angles, segment kinematics, segment global position, and extensive sensor data.

The software has built-in timecode and remote control plug-ins, handles data rates up to 158Mb/min, and can export to formats such as ASCII (HTML), C3D, BVH, MVNX, BX, and movie containers such as AVI and M4V. . 


You can request a free trial of MVN Analyze Pro to see its powerful possibilities.


Xsens MVN Analyze

MVN report

On the Xsens MotionCloud platform

MVN Reports makes it easy to generate automatic reports for health, ergonomics and sports. Powered by the new Xsens MotionCloud platform, MVN Reports instantly presents complex motion data in accessible, easy-to-read reports.

Within minutes, you'll have a full standardized report with relevant data for your specific application. Motion data is also visualized as 3D avatars. This report is automatically generated by the Xsens MotionCloud platform. All you need is an Xsens MVN motion capture setup and access to Xsens MotionCloud.

Xsens MVN Analyze
Enjoy excellent integration of Xsens MVN with all major biomechanics and ergonomics packages including:
  • dlab

  • C-Motion

  • Siemens Jack PLM Software

  • ViveLab Ergo

  • Dassault Systèmes

  • unity

  • BoB - biomechanics of the body

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