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Calibration Bar

Micron series digitizing probes are useful for 3D digitization of real objects, identifying virtual points and anatomical landmarks in biomechanical and research applications. Constructed from a single piece of aluminum with a tungsten carbide tip, the Digitizing Probe features four interchangeable markers and an ambidextrous design for long measurement sessions. Made from dimensionally stable Invar, the included Micron series calibration bar has four known distance indents for calibrating probes with motion capture systems.


motion capture suit

Antibacterial and breathable, it provides performers with exceptional freedom of movement and comfort during long recording sessions. Our popular X-base marker adheres very well to the suit, making it virtually unstoppable during performance capture. Fully elastic waistband with drawstring eliminates the need to use a velcro strip between the top and bottom. Includes velcro beanie cap and velcro attachment for shoes. There are no returns on wearable items.

mocap beanie

Velcro-friendly beanie for a more discreet and comfortable alternative to traditional OptiTrack brim hats.

mocap overshoes

Velcro-friendly shoe wrap that can be worn over standard shoes for simple mounting of mocap markers.

mocap glove

Velcro-friendly gloves for mounting markers on hands and fingers.


hand kit

This kit provides everything you need to add finger tracking to your existing Motive body tracking marker set. 


  • 10 finger markers

  • 4 markers for wrists and forearms

  • 2 mocap gloves


Synchronization and timecode for motion capture data

Synchronize your Ethernet camera with virtually any signal or source using eSync 2. The camera can be synchronized with sources such as professional video Genlock signals and can also be triggered to record from universal inputs and software commands.

Use triggers with synchronous output signals or DAQ for biomechanical force plate data alignment. SMTPE timecode allows for easy editing and logging with highly accurate frame timing.

One eSync 2 per motion capture system is sufficient and all cameras align to within a very accurate ~+/- 5µs of the input signal. The PoE Ethernet connection allows eSync 2 to be placed almost anywhere in a lab or studio, making it easy to connect to or connect to a source signal.

Convenient output signals that can mirror most inputs allow eSync 2 to sit in the middle of an existing setup or convert signal types for greater system flexibility.

Automatically measures and reports the frequency of the signal connected to the input. This allows you to quickly and easily check inputs for expected frequencies.


Genlock sync input

Genlock OptiTrack Ethernet cameras to external video sources via SD Black Burst or HD Tri-Level analog inputs. All modern SD and HD sync inputs are accepted for easy integration into professional studio environments. Genlock is ideal for synchronizing mocap data to live action media, including field capture, camera tracking, reference video, and head-mounted face mocap cameras.

Universal sync input

Isolated - used when sync source is higher than normal logic 3.3V or ground reference is different. It is recommended as the primary input for universal synchronization.
High Impedance - Three high-impedance digital inputs are available for sending synchronization signals to the eSync 2 from external devices.

universal sync output

Four digital outputs are available for sending synchronization signals from eSync 2 to external devices.


SMPTE Timecode

Stamp recorded and streamed motion tracking data using SMPTE timecode for compositing with other media in post. Motive: Body's timecode support includes FBX, C3D and NatNet. Motive: Tracker support includes CSV, NatNet and VRPN.

Support for plug-and-play shutter glasses

Common 3D shutter glasses support is provided by offsetting the camera's IR strobe. Connect a video card that supports stereo output signals to Sync In and a shutter glasses signal generator to Sync Out. Avoid interference between mocap camera strobe and shutter glass with adjustable software offset.

VESA input and output connectors are provided for graphics cards and IR emitters that do not have BNC connections.


VR navigation controller


The VR Navigation Controller allows you to directly interact with virtual content to increase the level of immersion in your simulation, game or application. Perfectly suited for CAVE and Virtual Reality systems, it features a lightweight, easy-to-use form factor and 10-hour battery life for extended use. OptiTrack's Motive software can receive the data and stream it to applications with direct interfaces, including VRPN and NatNet, and game engines such as Unity and Unreal (via VRPN).

Each option (AD) has its own array of markers, allowing up to 4 controllers to be used simultaneously. Additional features include:

  • Supported by Motive: Body and Motive: Tracker

  • 3 buttons and 2 trigger buttons on the top

  • 3D analog joystick and 4 directional pad

  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery (490mAh)

  • Charging via mini USB

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