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Prime Color


Recorded at 1080p 250fps

Capture your vision. with amazing colors







cinema quality color reference video

Motion capture has never looked better. Primary colors are complete images and are color corrected to provide a clean reference image. Fast enough to capture motion in any environment.

Real-time intra-frame compression

Data compression is handled by the Prime Color board rather than the PC, reducing latency and improving video quality. Intra-frame compression means that every video frame contains unique information to give you the best possible image.

There are no restrictions on data capture/transfer.

20 MB/s up to 1 GB/s to achieve ideal data rates and capture quality. Up to 8 cameras can be used simultaneously over a 10Gb/s link. Recording directly to the PC allows for longer recording sessions.

Recorded at 540p 500fps

Up to 500 frames per second.

Prime Color can capture content at 1080p (250FPS). The advanced windowing feature also provides recording at 720p (360FPS) and 540p (500FPS).

Synchronize multiple cameras

Capture every angle of a moving subject for complete analysis and artistic expression. Motive allows you to automatically sync up to eight Prime Color cameras for multiple views and creative compositions.

high speed lens

We custom-design our own low-distortion “fast glass” lenses with broadband anti-reflection coatings to increase light transmission, resulting in higher volumes and cleaner data. Alternate between IR and visible spectrum imaging using filter switcher technology, or choose a bandpass filter to more thoroughly eliminate interference from other light sources.


image circle

Prime Color is compatible with 1-inch, ⅔-inch and ½-inch lenses, allowing for creative expression and adapting Prime Color to your technical needs. Lenses with smaller image circles limit the maximum possible resolution in primary colors. Other lenses are available upon request.


e strobe

Prime Color's perfect companion, the eStrobe lets you stop moving like never before. This powerful LED light strobe syncs with Prime Color to maximize efficiency and provides global shutter control for precise light management. Multiple eStrobes can be combined to increase the overall light output of a recording session.


Aim assist for single user setup.

View your camera with software and optimize your camera settings with a single button press. Aim Assist allows a single operator to configure the system in minutes without touching the software interface.


ethernet connection

Like the Prime series of motion capture cameras, the Color is powered by PoE+ over a simple Ethernet cable, simplifying setup and allowing straightforward integration with your existing motion capture setup.


Flexible compatibility for growth over time.

All Prime series cameras can work together as one complete system.

Synchronization with external devices

Synchronize with virtually any signal or source using eSync 2. The camera can be synchronized with sources such as professional video Genlock signals and can also be triggered to record from universal inputs and software commands. Use triggers with synchronous output signals or DAQ for biomechanical force plate data alignment. SMTPE timecode allows for easy editing and logging with highly accurate frame timing.


Recorded at 1080p 250fps

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