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Introducing why Xsens is an excellent inertial sensor-based motion capture.

Movella Entertainment | As for the technical issues covered by Xsens, I would like to talk about drift, the first of six topics.

1. Drift

2. Magnetic interference

3.Height tracking

4. Big group capture

5. Bad Mocap Data

6. One Man Mocap Team

I will introduce the differences and problems of inertial sensor (also called gyro motion capture)-based motion capture equipment, and why Xsens is an excellent inertial sensor-based motion capture device.

Xsens offers inertial motion capture technology that measures human body motion. This means measuring movement from the body without any external input such as a camera. The main advantage of this technology is that no camera installation is required. Wearing a sensor-equipped suit, you can move anywhere you want.

However, inertial motion capture has a downside called ‘drift’.

What is Drift?

This is a phenomenon in which, when recording a random walk (random movement) and returning to the same starting point, the software shows a different starting point.

Why does drift occur?

Inertial motion capture does not have an external input (location information) like a camera, so it mathematically calculates position. This can lead to small errors, and when these errors accumulate, drift occurs. Due to the nature of the technology, this is almost impossible to completely solve, but Xsens gets it very close!

The Xsens algorithm is simply superior to other inertial (or gyro systems) systems.

More than 15 years of experience is inherent in Xsens technology. We use ML and AI to optimize our algorithms to give you the best results.

Our partner Render Motion demonstrates the absence of drift in this video. Clap your hands, walk, even run. Finally, another perfectly aligned hand clap.

Please refer to the video below.



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