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Xsens technology free from magnetic distortion

Movella Entertainment | As for the technical issues dealt with by Xsens, I would like to talk about the second magnetic interference among the six topics.

1. Drift

2. Magnetic interference

3.Height tracking

4. Big group capture

5. Bad Mocap Data

6. One Man Mocap Team

Inertial motion capture uses a magnetometer (magnetic sensor) component inside the sensor to measure north.

The downside of magnetometers is that there are many elements that can be affected by magnetic interference. Data can be distorted if steel or iron is in close proximity.

This is called 'magnetic distortion'.

What is Magnetic Interference?

Magnetic elements such as steel around the magnetic sensor can distort the earth's north orientation, which can cause errors in accurate orientation measurements or result in 'bad data'.

Why does magnetic interference occur?

Inside the inertial motion capture sensor is a magnetometer (magnetism). A magnetometer measures the Earth's magnetic field. However, if there is steel or iron nearby, this magnetic field is twisted. As a result, you will no longer be able to accurately determine the coordinates of North. This is a complicated problem, but Xsens has solved it!

How did Xsens solve this?

Like Drift, Xsens' algorithm outperforms other inertial systems. We use an optimized algorithm based on over 15 years of experience. This algorithm is optimized to eliminate magnetic interference. Xsens have complete 'magnetic immunity'. It may not seem like a big deal, but this is truly staggering and no other inertial suit has achieved this level of immunity.

magnetic interference simulation

Five years ago, Xsens decided to do a demonstration of magnetic interference. I came up with the most difficult environment in motion capture for magnetic interference: a container port. It was a port full of containers and moving steel structures, which would have been a disaster without Xsens' technology.

But it went perfectly... Even the 3D artists expressed surprise at the accuracy of the data, calling this data, called raw data, "stunning". 5 years later, there is still no equipment that can match the data quality of Xsens.



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