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VIVELAB service

Comprehensive ergonomics assessment

ViveLab Ergo, a cloud-based 3D simulation software, allows users to simulate, analyze and improve the interaction between humans, machines and work environments more accurately, quickly and easily than ever before with the help of ergonomics experts.

Create ergonomically optimal working conditions to keep your employees healthy, extend working hours and save HR costs. Proper handling of occupational safety is a factor of competitiveness as well as regulatory compliance. At any stage, the project progresses. From preparation, decision-making, implementation or operation, ViveLab and connected services allow you to perform detailed ergonomic examinations and find solutions very quickly.

I. On-site Consultation

If you don't have all the human resources and expertise to implement a full ergonomics assessment, but you know your workplace needs immediate improvement, don't worry.

Meet a unique and comprehensive ergonomic consulting framework including screening, motion capture measurement, simulation, analysis and more. Available through our international service provider partner network or directly from ViveLab Ergo. The entire process from inspection in the production area through motion measurement and analysis can be carried out by a team of ergonomics experts, even evaluating the results and elaborating necessary actions. Ergonomics experts can optionally see which workplaces can be automated or where older workers or workers with altered workability can be hired.

1. Screening (ergonomic impact assessment)

During the screening process, ergonomists based on interviews and inspections of manufacturing locations determine the company's different workstation categories in terms of loads, health effects and risks. Optionally, they will evaluate which workplaces can be automated and where to hire people with altered work capacities.

As a result, they get a detailed picture of the company and the ergonomic issues affecting their severity. Select workstations that require immediate action that require further tool testing to be precise.

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2. Motion capture measurements

Accurate and ergonomic analysis requires objectively measured motion data. We perform sensory movement capture with the help of our market-leading Xsens Motion Capture system on workstations selected by our customers or suggested while curated by ergonomists.

The Xsens motion capture system was developed to measure and record the movements of the entire body. The instrument works with inertial sensors, biomechanical models, and sensor fusion algorithms. The Xsens suit is an unobtrusive solution that allows workers to move naturally and realistically. Motion capture systems can be used in any environment, including industrial plants with a lot of magnetic interference. Motion capture data is not affected.

With the help of the sensory measurement system, human movements can be captured at any time, including inappropriate movements, forced postures that cannot be captured by the naked eye.

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3. Simulation and analysis

It can make predictive decisions based on simulation. Motion files and CAD files imported in the 3D virtual environment of ViveLab Ergo can be viewed from any angle.

Our ergonomists import motion files into ViveLab Ergo software and analyze them using seven built-in analysis methods: RULA, OWAS, NASA-OBI, ISO 11226, EN 1005-4, Reach Analysis, and Spaghetti Diagram. The software filters out inappropriate movements and forced poses that go unnoticed by visual inspection.

It can change the structure of the body, gender, age and origin of personality, so the working environment of workers with all kinds of features can be tested.

Results can be viewed in real time. You can even create a PDF document of your detailed analysis, and it's just a few mouse clicks away. This report highlights the need to take ergonomic measures to improve workplace quality.

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4. Action plan

During the detailed analysis, the ergonomics specialist specifies possible organizations, techniques and individual tasks. Create a revision plan report with recommendations.

Our ergonomists interpret all suggestions together with our clients in our workshops, then select and schedule the actions to be implemented. Our goal is not only to interpret and explain the contents of the protocol, but also to commit to the implementation of the actions proposed in the protocol by the client according to the specified timeline.
Explore our case studies to understand the steps in ergonomic workplace assessment!

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5. Implementation, Virtual Verification

During the technology planning phase, ergonomics experts provide consultation, collaboration and virtual verification and validation testing. During testing, whether the product/component meets the requirements is checked in a virtual space without prototyping.

It simulates the expected movement of the employee, the objective angle of the posture, the frequency and duration of movement according to the CAD model of the modified workstation, and the work instructions. Thanks to the extensive built-in ergonomic database, you can set various parameters of your digital human characters such as gender, age, race and physique to your liking.

With this inspection, potential fault points in the planned workstation can be recognized and corrected, and new cycle times can also be calculated. Thanks to virtual validation, you can check the effectiveness of your investments and calculate costs and ROI prior to implementation.

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6. Complete tools and knowledge transfer

If customers wish to perform an ergonomic impact assessment by an expert, ViveLab Ergo ergonomic software and Xsens Motion Capture hardware are available. Upon request, the company can assist with training and consulting work. We can provide online and on-site training.

The best way to prepare for decisions about these types of technologies and solutions is complete knowledge transfer based on software training and pilots and field training commonly run in the field. Our experts can work with you to perform ergonomic assessments on existing or planned production lines, along with motion capture sensors and ViveLab Ergo software. After this one-time on-site project, you will only be able to use the Xsens motion capture system and ViveLab ergonomic software. Of course, additional assistance is available online from experts who can help you create an action plan if needed.

II. online consultation

Thanks to cloud-based software, geographically distant users around the world can invite experts to collaborate in their own virtual lab. This allows you to perform an analysis and interpret the results together.


You need to know every detail of the software and hardware to get the most out of your system. We provide theoretical and practical training to learn how to use the Xsens Motion Capture system and ViveLab Ergo software.

dedicated mentor

If you have any questions regarding the usage, operation of the ViveLab Ergo software, our staff is available even after completing system training. At pre-arranged times, dedicated mentors can track users' activities and provide functional assistance via a shared screen or collaboration.


If you need help with ergonomics, ergonomics experts are available online. ViveLab Ergo software also allows you to request collaboration to find a solution to a problem by simultaneously working on the same project regardless of geographic location.

If you're doing your own measurements but need help with the analysis, our team of ergonomics experts can help. You can perform an analysis and interpret the results together.

Product design, virtual ergonomic validation

Cost and time to market are one of the key factors for competitiveness. Product designers can use ViveLab to create ergonomically optimized designs with physical prototypes and hundreds of test targets without physical testing. Thanks to ViveLab's anthropometric database and built-in analysis, virtual ergonomic verification is not only easier, but also more complete and professional.

Similar to virtual validation of existing products, our technicians can validate products under design without a prototype. Based on the CAD model of the planned workstation and the work instructions, it simulates the movement of the expected worker, the objective angle of the posture, the frequency and duration of the movement. Thanks to this inspection, possible fault points in the planned workstation/component can be uncovered and corrected prior to implementation.

If the ergonomic examination is flawed, the suggested measurements are recorded in minutes of an action plan with the exported analysis results, and the simulation is provided via the ViveLab Ergo software.

Upon request, our experts are available for further consultation*.

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